Technology and passion for music.

The lightest FRFR guitar cabinet in the world.

The GR Guitar FRFR AeroTech line is the lightest FRFR guitar cabinet line in the world. Never has a professional cabinet been produced with this performance-to-weight ratio.


Years of design and engineering have allowed the creation of our Aerotech technology

Weight loss

Our cabinets are 40% lighter weight with greater durability than wood construction


Our products are highly engineered to output a power you've never seen before

AeroTech. The best
technology in the air.

The AeroTech line of cabinets when compared to the same wood cabinet on the market have better focus, detail, openness, punch and overall richness of sound.

Comfort and explosiveness.

The faithful and versatile sound reproduction, the incredible power, the extreme lightness and reliability of the AeroTech series making our products irreplaceable partners for any guitarist.

The same technology that GR Guitar used for the AeroTech cabinets is used in the Aerospace industry and guarantees rigidity and consistency while offering durability and reduced weight.

Three layers. Two layers of carbon fiber and a central layer of a material with the same audio properties as wood give life to our technology.

For all tastes, and more.


5 year warranty. Design and Engineered in Italy.